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About Us

  1. Is your furniture made locally?

    YES! We make many pieces of furniture right here in Newaygo! :D

  2. Do you deliver and set up?

    YES! we deliver and set up your furniture. There is a small fee of $25 plus an additional $2 per mile ONE way. If you live 10 miles away, for an example, the charge would be $45.

  3. Do you offer discounts?

    If you have shopped around, you will notice our prices are fair and very hard to beat so we do not offer many sales. We consider each sale individually and dollar amount spent. We have the highest quality furniture available and will stand behind our products. We do have items on sale in our clearance section.

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  1. After placing an order, how long will it take to have our furniture completed?

    It really depends on how busy we are but usually between 4-8 weeks.

  2. Do I need to bring anything to pick up my furniture?

    You will need to bring furniture pads, straps or rope and a vehicle or trailer large enough to carry your furniture.

  3. Can I buy a display piece of furniture from the store?

    Most items like small tables and chairs can be bought from the floor along with some dressers. Any beds sold from the floor have an added $100 handling charge to remove it from the store. We cannot duplicate a piece exactly as all woods are different but we will do our best to make the piece you want.

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  1. Do you have a layaway plan?

    YES! We have a layaway plan made just for you! All we required is a minimal deposit with a payment of any kind every 30 days. There is NO CHARGE for this service! If a payment is not made every 30 days, your item will be returned to stock and you will be issued a store credit. NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS MADE.

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